Typhoon Bolaven tore through the southern part of the Korean Peninsula on late Tuesday, then crossing over to the Shangdong province in East China on early Wednesday before calling it a day.

The storm was the strongest to hit the region in over a decade, leaving a trail of destruction and at least 8 dead in its wake.

Despite being aware (supposedly) of how dangerous the storm was, some Chinese residents of the coastal city of Qingdao gathered at a park near the coastline to watch the typhoon waves come in and do what it is Asians do best: take pictures.

While the intelligence of the bystanders is questionable, you’ve gotta hand it to the courage and diligence of the police officers in the photos above. Talk about “come hell or high water!”

As of writing this article, mother nature has come in for round two with Typhoon Tembin, which made landfall at the southern city of Suncheon about an hour ago. Let’s hope everyone stays safer this time around-we’ve already got plenty of pictures and we don’t want to see that death toll rise any higher.

Source: TT Mop