By now you’ve surely heard of the elderly woman who botched the “restoation” of a century-old fresco of Jesus painted on the walls of a Roman Catholic church in Spain.

While the culprit, who is in her 80’s, insists she was only trying to fix the painting as parts of it had flaked off over the years, it’s difficult to describe the “restored” image as anything but vandalism.

Naturally, the internet found the story hillarious and soon “fresco restoration” parodies were showing up on Twitter and blogs worldwide.

Japanese blogger/curry enthusiast Takeda Take, whom you may remember from his adorable Shiba Inu Plump Booty Curry, decided to make his own fresco Jesus restoration using a canvas of—you guessed it—curry and rice.

The ingredients he used are rice, Japanese curry, kuromame (sweetened black beans), sliced cheese, ham and seaweed.

Takeda starts by making the face, using kuromame for the eyes, seaweed for the eyeborws, cheese for the nose and ham for the mouth.

It looks like Takedake captured the “pensive simian” look of the original piece perfectly!

Next, he arranged a layer of rice on the plate to make the head and placed the parts of face on top, being careful to match the shape and angle of the painting.

After making some final arrangements to the face, he poured curry on the plate to finish the piece.

Fresco Jesus has never looked so tasty!

AFP reports that the restoration has begun to attract tourists to the Iglesia del Sanuario de Misericordia church in Spain where the image is painted. It might not be a bad idea to embrace the publicity created by this harmless mishap and local restaurants could probably make a small fortune if they started offering dishes like Fresco Jesus Curry. Any takers?

Source: Fun Takeda Take