Think about the worst experience you ever had in a hotel.  Perhaps you found a cockroach or the water pressure was really bad.  Whatever it was, this harrowing experience of a man staying in a hotel in Jinhua, China is sure to trump it.

The following story is a bizarre and grisly accident that left even the emergency workers on the scene visibly shaken.

It all started on 21 August when a man returned to his hotel room with a friend after having dinner.  Upon his return, the man decided to take a shower and went into the bathroom.

At approximately 1:50am the friend was startled by a piercing scream and rushed to the bathroom to see what happened.  Inside the bathroom the man could be seen sitting slumped over on the floor with the shower still running over head.  A crimson pool of blood was spreading out from beneath him.

After a closer look the friend could see that the blood was coming from the man’s back which had a faucet firmly embedded inside.  The friend’s first instinct was to move him but the pain of being stabbed in the back with a piece of plumbing was too great.

The man, who was still conscious and alert with pain coursing through his body, refused any attempts to move himself until the police arrived.

Seven minutes after the call was made, firefighters made it on the scene.  The man had to endure the pain by biting down on a towel.  The rescue teams also felt that moving the man would be a bad idea risking opening the wound further.  The man’s face was getting paler from loss of blood.

They opted to cut the faucet off altogether so they could get him to a hospital.  Efforts to cut the faucet were hampered by the narrow size of the bathroom, but still they managed to free him in about five minutes.  He was taken to the hospital and survived the ordeal.

According to one firefighter on the scene who looked a little pale himself: “The problem was that the faucet was old and worn down so that the edges of it had become razor sharp.”

While the man was taking a shower he slipped and fell backwards with enough force and at just the right angle to send the sharpened faucet into his back.

Let this be a lesson to hotels and homes everywhere.  Proper plumbing maintenance can help prevent admittedly rare but ghastly accidents like this, and possibly even save lives.

Source: QJWB (Chinese) via NariNari (Japanese)