When making viral cooking videos on the internet, white girls get drunk, and Asian girls put on low-cut tanktops and casually bend forward at every opportunity they get. But who could blame them? They look good doing it and, most importantly, their audience loves it.

Just take 19-year-old Taiwanese model Cheng Chia-chen, who jumped to internet stardom after appearing in a video teaching people how to make fried chicken.

No, really. That’s all.

The video, which was made as apart of an advertising campaign for Bao Liao Fried Chicken, went viral in Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong earlier this year. Now she’s landed a modeling contract in Japan and has a gravure DVD coming out in November.

The video isn’t much more than Cheng speaking softly as she batters a chicken and sticks it in the fryer. Is it really that easy to make it big in Asia?

If you’ve got the sex-appeal (or “cute-appeal”), then yes. But if the Japanese amateur adult video industry is anything to go by, sticking around is much more difficult than getting in.

Cheng, who is now lovingly referred to in Taiwan as “Fried Chicken Girl,” seems to be enjoying her Japanese debut regardless.

“I’ve found that gravure modeling in Japan isn’t all about bust size,” she comments while filming for her first DVD in Japan. “There’s less skin exposure than photoshoots in Taiwan, but there’s something sensational about being filmed while moving around in lingerie. If it were Taiwan I would be in a thong.”

Certainly magazine models in Taiwan are expected to show a lot more skin than their counterparts in Japan, where “cute” tends to sell better than “sexy.”

Taiwanese media reports that the DVD will be released in both Taiwan and Japan in November. See below for more photos of Cheng.

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▼ From the DVD shoot

▼ A bit of Tokyo touring

▼ Her domestic work

▼ A bit of mobile

▼She sure does love fried chicken
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