Earlier this year, allegations of corruption sullied a qualifying contest for the Miss International Pageant in Chongqing, China. This time the Miss Campus Pageant in Hubei seems to be going the other route – full transparency of their rules.  The results are making people long for the good ol’days of secret corruption.

The Miss Campus Pageant organizers outlined their “standards of beauty” which they compiled from international research and observations, and which they claim to ensure the height of beauty for their contestants.

So break out your rulers and calculators ladies, and why not you too fellas. It’s time to see if you qualify to enter a Chinese beauty pageant!

Facial Requirements

The distance between the pupils should be 46% the distance between the ears.

The distance between the mouth and eyes should be 36% the total face height.  The ability to make a straight vertical line from the corner of the mouth to the pupil is preferable.

Top lip should be 8mm thick.  Bottom lip should be 9mm thick.

Nose length from the face should be 1/3 the forehead length.

Congratulations to those whose faces made the cut.  Now it’s time to see if the body makes the grade.

Body Requirements

Height should be equal to 7.1 times your head’s height.

Bust Line
51% of your height

Under Bust
43.2% of your height

34% of your height

45.7% of your height

54.2% of your height

Even if you made it through that gauntlet of measurements, the pageant organizers aren’t quite through checking out your breasts yet.

“No plump, dangling breasts allowed. Left and right breasts’ position, size, and orientation must be uniform. The distance between both breasts measuring from the center of the nipple should be 20cm. The diameter of the breast should be 10-12cm at the base and protrude 5-6cm from the chest. They must be plump yet perky. A difference of 17-20cm between bust line and under bust is preferable.”

According to the original Chinese article’s diagram, there appears to be a rule about areola size as well.  However, no mention of it was made in the article.

The regulations, which were apparently lifted out of 50 Shades of Grey, has caused a stir online with comments ranging from, “Yeah, I’m picky about my boobs too, LOL,” to, “I’m ashamed of education!” This would be a good time to remind that this is the Miss Campus Pageant, which adds a whole other layer of creepiness to it.

I don’t know how involved the actual schools are in this event, but if I was paying for my daughter’s tuition just for some perv to measure the distance between her nipples, I think I’d have quite the grievance to take up with them.

Then again beauty pageants were always bizarre spectacles. I wouldn’t be surprised if these types of rules were in place all over the world.  The whole thing seems pointless but if people are willing to sign-up, eh, live and let live.

By the way, if you were wondering about talent and intelligence, there was no information about “standards.” However, the scoring was said to be 40% personality, 40% appearance, and 20% is determined by an online poll.

Source: eladies Sina (Chinese)
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