We’re pretty sure this is exactly what Confucius was talking about when he said “The last drop makes the cup run over.”

The woman in the photo above was probably going for sexy—and you know us, we have no objections to sexy. She even pulled off all the classic maneuvers, augmenting her bust with her bra and wearing a dress with a low-cut top to show it off.

The problem is she just went too far.

While the perpetrator’s name is unknown, the website the photos were posted on reveal she was a guest at the launch event of Chinese fashion brand held on Sept. 14.

At first glance, you’d think this is a wardrobe malfunction as the bust of her dress sags forward unsupported, revealing her silicon bra. But judging by the audacity of her pose, it’s hard to say this was an accident.

The dress hasn’t been very well-received by Chinese netizens, who comment “this is worse than going naked” and “this isn’t sexy, it’s disturbing.”

We think there are two lessons to be learned from this fashion disaster: one, more skin is not necessarily a good thing; and two, if you are going to show off your breasts, make sure you wear a bra that doesn’t make it look like you have giant areolas.

Source: China West News

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