Earlier this summer we brought news of the hellish conditions of a day at China’s public pools. Well, it seems that China may officially be the Bizzaro World as their traffic jams conversely provide a pleasant opportunity for rest and exercise – even tennis!

September 30th kicked off a week long holiday including National Day in China.  Throw in the beginning of a toll-free highway campaign and it was the perfect storm for traffic congestion.

Every country has to deal with traffic jams on some level during their public holidays, but imagine the kind of delays that arise from the entire population of China hitting the road to head home during the break.

Sure enough, highway traffic across the country grinded to a halt.  But in an incredible show of resilience, the Chinese people took their lemons and made lemonade.  Spontaneously, in various locations throughout China, people got out of their cars and started living.

Photos came in from all over of people playing tennis, working out, and walking their dogs. It looked like someone photoshopped scenes from a park onto a highway.

The weirdest part is that these people look like they’re genuinely enjoying themselves rather than just passing the time. It makes you wonder if these people are stuck in the traffic jam or causing it.

Source: iFeng, ET Today (Chinese)


▼ A little stretching before getting into the real activities

▼ No time like the present to get to work on those delts

▼ Dog walkers were seen the most

▼ “Screw Disney World. Honey get the camera!”

▼ This gentleman is rocking a feather kicking toy that predates the hacky sack and is faaaabulous!

▼ These guys seem a little old for an underhand toss but it’s probably best to avoid the cars.

▼ On the other hand, these guys throw caution to the wind with a tennis match.

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