Here at RocketNews24, we get a lot of complaints from people about how, despite all the stories we run on beautiful half-naked Asian women, we never write anything about beautiful half-naked Asian men.

Don’t get us wrong. We appreciate the beauty of a toned human physique, whether it be male or female. When we see a nice pair of man glutes, we’ll let you know. It’s just that ladies, in general, seem to be in the internet spotlight more than gents.

Which is why we wasted no time in seeing what all the fuss was about when we heard that some of the contestants in this year’s Mister Asia Contest, an annual televised male beauty contest held in Hong Kong, have bodies you have to see to believe.

While some 200 men entered this year’s competition, only 24 lucky contestants were left after the first round of judging, which took place on September 22.

During the judging, contestants were asked to strut their stuff in their casual wear and then, because it wouldn’t be a beauty contest without some skin, their swimsuits.

However viewers at home may have been puzzled as to how many of these contestants made it through initial screening because half of what lined up on the stage were not hot-bodied young men but flabby, balding middle-aged Asian men.

One of them was even holding two bananas connected by a string. “These are my handmade banana nunchucks,” he explained, arranging his fanny pack before demonstrating his best kung-fu moves.

While there were certainly a few guys who actually looked like they belonged in the contest, no amount of flexing could direct the attention away from the televised mid-life crisis denial fest that Mister Asia had become.

If you’re interested to see who will come out on top, be sure to tune in to ATV on November 18 for the final round of judging. Ladies, you can thank us later ;)

Source: Sina Weibo (Chinese)

▼ Our vote goes to Mr. Banana Nunchuks


▼This guy was apparently the crowd favorite. We’ll see how that perfect figure holds up ten years from now buddy.

▼For comparison, here’s last year’s lineup

▼Being very subtle with their message

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