Why didn’t I have these in the summer?  I’m not going to sugar coat it, summer in Japan is THE WORST!  It’s so hot that people send out “please don’t die this summer” greeting cards, so humid that you feel like you are swimming through the air.  If you’re unlucky enough to work in a place that strives to be ecofriendly (like my school), you’ll be unable to get any work done all summer long, spending your entire day staring longingly at the motionless air conditioning unit. 

If you’re a woman and have to dress up for a formal occasion in the dead of summer, you might as well wrap yourself up in plastic wrap and sit outside in the sun all day.  Wearing panty hose while summer is in full force is a sweatfest for your–excuse the scientific terminology–crotchular region.

Sweaty ladies of Japan, rejoice!  Legwear manufacturing company, Frantica, has created a pair of buttless, crotchless panty hose intended to give women in sauna land a little relief from the heat.  At 1365 yen per pair (US $17.39), these stockings are a steal.  They come in beige or black and feature circular cutouts in the back, front, and sides.  These stockings are well made, offering material that won’t easily run and provides UV protection.

If you’re a working woman in Japan who is required to not look like a slob from time to time, stock up now, summer’s only nine months away!

Source: Asahi Shimbun Digital