A few days ago, we wrote about fu-bi’s “Jump From Paper” series of designer handbags that look 2-dimensional. With thick outlines and bright colors, they look as if they have jumped right out of a manga or anime.  However, upon closer examination, these seemingly 2D bags are actually functional, trendy handbags of the 3-dimensional world.

This time, a set of stationery is here transcending the boundary between dimensions.

Sun-Star Stationery Corporation has released “Fakus,” a series of notebooks, pencil cases, and sticky notes that feature an optical illusion design.  At first glance, the stationery looks like nicely drawn pictures of three dimensional objects.  They have so much depth, but are actually flat.  With such a unique design, you would think each item would come with a hefty price tag, but they’re actually affordable.

Prices for the Fakus line of stationery are as follows:

Small memo pad: 250 yen (US $3.18)

A5 notebook: 200 yen (US $2.54)

B5 notebook: 230 yen (US $2.92)

Sticky notes: 300 yen (US $3.81)

Pencil case: 650 yen (US $8.26)

A representative of Sun-Star explains the inspiration for these stationery, stating, “we noticed t-shirts with neck ties and pockets printed on them, but couldn’t help thinking that it’s weird to silk screen an article of clothing on another article of clothing.  That’s when we realized that drawing a piece of stationery on another piece of stationery would be a totally unique and awesome design…albeit still weird.”

The name “Fakus” comes from a mixture of the word “fake” and “kusu,” the Japanese onomatopoeic word for laughter.  “We love the casual feel,” commented Sun-Star’s representative about the company’s fun concept name.  “There are tons of stationery with flowers and candy and other things printed on them, but stationery with stationery printed on them?  We haven’t seen that one yet.”

From students to office workers and everyone in between, this stationery is sure to pop up on a desk near you.

Source: excite