We’ve all heard about the dogs and monkey brains served on the Chinese dining table. But believe it or not, the latest trend now is raw deer blood.

According to Mr. Yang, the owner of a deer farm located in Nanjing, deer farming is much more lucrative than cattle or sheep farming. Every single part of the deer can be sold, including the meat, the antlers, and of course the blood.

In fact, the recent National Day holiday was a busy one for Mr. Yang, as his farm saw a sudden increase in customers hailing from the cities. Men and women, old and young, lined up from early morning, hoping to seize the first drop of fresh deer blood.

Mr. Yang would lead the customers, while carrying a saw in one hand and a bottle of white wine (used for mixing with deer blood) in the other, into a shed with 5 to 6 deer, where he would shoot down the deer with anesthetic needles. After that, the workers would tie the limps of the deer together, and Mr. Yang would begin sawing off the antlers. At the end, the artery in the neck is cut off.

This may sound gory and sick. But the Chinese definitely love it.

Once Mr. Yang moves his saw, it would be a scene of chaos as everyone tries to snatch antlers over and start sucking on them. They’re also not the least hesitant to gulp down cups of bright red raw blood. To them, fresh deer blood nourishes blood, increases vitality, enhances metabolism, strengthens the kidneys, increases virility, … the effects of the fresh deer blood are endless! It’s claimed to be the gem of all animal blood.

However, are the so-called benefits real or just a myth?

Deer are valued in traditional Chinese medicine, and the antlers are especially expensive and highly sought after, says an expert from Jiangsu. However, he also says that deer blood may not be suitable for everyone.

In traditional Chinese medicine, food and people are classified into two types – “warm/hot” and “cool/cold”. A good balance of both “warm/hot” and “cool/cold” is the key to good health and a strong body. Deer blood is considered to be “warm” and should not be taken by people with “hot” body types.

In western medicine, it is said that deer products can cause high blood pressure, frequent urination, and inflammation of the kidneys in some cases, so people with liver problems should avoid consumption. Also, despite the rumor that deer blood can cure diabetes, it actually elevates blood sugar levels.

Source: Tencent QQ
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