Strong opposition to the use of nuclear reactors has put pressure on scientists to find a replacement for atomic energy.  In the past, scientists attempted to harness the energy generated by rush hour traffic, pedaling a bicycle, and many other creative sources.  In our never-ending quest for power, a bicycle that charges your smartphone was even developed, allowing consumers to charge their phone while they pedal.

A new innovation in energy generation is here.  BioLite Camp Stove is a biomass burning stove that can cook food while charging small electronic devices.

In the digital age, a blazing fire and an iPod seem like an odd couple, but the makers of BioLite originally created their camp stove with a different intention.  “In impoverished countries like Africa, accidental deaths commonly occur from carbon monoxide gas produced while cooking over an open fire,” explains a BioLite representative.  BioLite solves this problem by utilizing a built-in fan which circulates air, reducing smoke by 95% and nearly eliminating black carbon.  This creates a healthier environment for families all over the world.  In addition, waste heat is converted into electricity, providing users with enough energy to charge a mobile phone or LED flashlight.

BioLite Stoves allow families in third-world countries to have power and an efficient, safe way to cook and sterilize water.  A great concept, but now BioLite is available commercially, allowing campers everywhere to power their cell phones while trying to escape to the great outdoors.  Just plug in your smartphone in to the USB port located on the yellow power module of the stove; 20 minutes of charging provides 60 minutes of talk time.

BioLite’s website claims their stove is a perfect substitute for a real campfire, suggesting campers sit around a BioLite Stove and roast marshmallows.  BioLite also points out the stove’s benefit in case of a power outage, allowing you to “cook and keep electronics charged while power lines are down.”

It’s amazing that you can power a high-tech piece of equipment by using fire, one of the most primitive tools. For those who grow pale at the sight of a low battery signal, you can purchase BioLite Stoves on their website for US $129.  They also ship to over 70 countries, including Japan.

Source: excite, BioLite