Electronic idol Hatsune Miku’s popularity seemingly knows no bounds.

If we’re not seeing stories of catastrophic cakes being made in her image, we’re hearing reports that one of her uber fans has spent an exorbitant amount of money acquiring the last Hatsune Miku edition Sony MP3 player ever made.

Clearly Ms. Miku has her share of fans, but when you come to think about it, is dropping a ton of cash really equate the greatest measure of fandom? Surely just about anyone with a computer and some spending can bid on an MP3 player!?

But hand-crafting a tiny, intricately-detailed Hatsune Miku outfit for your pet dog? Now that’s what we call a fan!

As part of the “5th NicoNico Douga Handicraft Festival”, one talented internet user documents the entire process involved in creating the outfit for their extremely patient pooch.

Featuring Miku’s now iconic blue-frilled pleated skirt, neck-tie and even fake arms that attach to the front of the shirt, this pup’s outfit is nothing short of spectacular, whether you’re a fan of the pop star of not.

The sheer effort that went into the making of this outfit is incredible…

▼ Here’s our model, “Happy”

▼With the under-layer made, we can get started

▼Attaching the tiny collar and tie to the shirt.

▼There’s the pleated skirt…

▼The shirt, arms (with gloves!), skirt and tie!

▼And here we have Happy, trying it all on for the first time!

The end of the video is undoubtedly the crowning moment, though, as we see the seemingly unfazed pup skip towards his master. It really does look like he’s walking upright with those little arms dangling down! Even if it does make him look a bit like a centaur…

If only this talented NicoNico user had made a little wig coloured the dog’s ears blue as a finishing touch… Just kidding! Don’t call PETA on us! We’ve already seen what they’re capable of once today…

Irrespective of the lack of Miku’s trademark blue bunches, this outfit went down a storm on NicoNico, as you can probably tell from the abundance of “kawaaaaaiiii!” (“cuuuuuute!”) comments from other users scrolling across the screen as the video rolls.

Well done to Happy’s owner for putting this together! And well done to Happy for not snapping any fingers off in the process. This might just be the most bizarre thing we’ve has seen all day…

Source: IT Media images: Happy Papa on NicoNico Douga