Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these internets to join RocketNews24 readers and a whole bunch of pictures of weddings from around the world in matrimony.

In all seriousness, marriage is celebrated in unique ways all over the globe. Here’s 45 snapshots of weddings from around the world that provide a heartwarming glimpse at the traditional— and sometime unconventional—ways different countries unite husband and wife.

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■ Royal wedding in Brunei

■ 130 couples from around China take part in traditional wedding ceremony in Shanxi

■ Russian woman in wedding dress walking in a parade of 100 brides during festival

■ Las Vegas “Wagon Wedding”

■ Filipino couple making silly faces for their phone camera during mass wedding ceremony

■ Groom belonging to semi-nomadic tribe in India

■ Pakistani bride and groom during wedding ceremony at a church in Islamabad

■ Groom (75) and bride (87) during free mass wedding ceremony in Honduras

■ Soldiers hold down the fort during mass wedding in Taipei, Taiwan. 264 couples tied the knot that day.

■ Somalian police officer and his bride during wedding in Mogadishu before Al-Shebab forbade mass public gatherings.

■ Bride and groom pose for wedding photos on the street in Shanghai

■ Mass wedding in Jordan bringing together 46 couples from Jordan and Syria

■ 15 Chinese couples throw a ceremony at Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

■ Two brides sign their names before a statue of Buddha during Taiwan’s first same-sex marriage.

■ Two grooms tie the knot in a New York comic book store. Their wedding coincided with Marvel Comic’s first gay wedding in ‘Astonishing X-Men #51’

■ A prisoner marries his wife during a mass wedding ceremony in Lima, Peru

■ Couple ready to release balloons at a ceremony in a park in Nanjing, China

■ Peruvian couple in traditional wedding dress waiting for the ceremony to begin

■ Damascan bride preparing for her wedding after crossing the Syrian-Israeli border into Israel

■ Indian couple at mass wedding ceremony in Kolkata

■ Chinese bride poses on old railway in Beijing

■ Jewish groom dances with Rabbi as wife watches on in Jerusalem

■ Syrian rebel sniper exchanges rings with his bride, a nurse who treated his injured leg

■ Nine husbands kiss their brides during wedding ceremony in Minsk

■ Brides standing in line to get married during ceremony at newly built World Cup stadium in San Paulo, Brazil

■ Jordian groom dancing on the shoulders of relatives during mass marriage ceremony

■ Bride taking the plunge down a skyscraper during River Rocks Festival in South Carolina, USA

■ Newly married couple taking a dip in an aquarium in Benalmadena, Spain

■ Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia and his wife on a reed boat after their wedding.

■ Couples participate in collective wedding ceremony in Bolivia. Many were already legally married but came for the festivities, which included traditional of indigenous people of Amazon region.

■ Couple posing for photo during mass wedding ceremony in Brazil. What’s that red stain in the bottom left corner? Why is the groom holding a machete? It’s a wedding, who cares!

■ Mongolian soldier stands on steps of Parliament in Ulan Bator

■ Couple photographed on the streets of Shanghai

■ Chinese newlyweds leave the garden in the rain after having their photos taken

■ Bride, groom and friends take pictures after the wedding on a beach in Accra, Ghana

■ American couple remarry after 50 years of divorce in Buffalo City Hall

■ Ritual during a mass wedding in Kolkata, India

■ Newlyweds kiss under the bride’s veil in Shanghai

■ Bride and groom live it up in the limo on the way to their wedding in Baghdad

■ Shaving the groom’s beard during a traditional wedding in the Macedonian village Galichnik

■ Palestinian wedding ceremony

■ Bride and groom pose for wedding pictures with tornado in the background in Kansas, USA

■ Romanian brides dance near a replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Bucharest

■ Pakistani bride waiting to go to church for wedding ceremony is Islamabad

■ Husband and bride kiss on a flooded street in Manila, Philippines during a hurricane.

■ Japanese newlyweds stand atop Mt. Komagatake during “White Wedding” ceremony in Komagane, Japan. Every year one couple is chosen by raffle to have their wedding near the top of the 2,956 m (9,698 ft) mountain.

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Japanese wedding photo: Komagane City