We all try to make good impressions when we have people over, don’t we? Especially when it’s a special someone. Well, if the person you’re inviting over is a Japanese man, there are some things ladies should beware of, according to Yahoo! Japan. Apparently, Japanese men (and perhaps it’s not just Japanese men) sometimes harbor “illusions” about what girls’ rooms are like — you know, always smelling sweet, with maybe lots of pink and lace and fluff. Well, sorry to have to break it to you guys, but these are “illusions” that exist mainly in movies or glossy magazines.

Putting male hypocrisy aside, I think we ladies can agree that no one has their room in picture-perfect condition all the time. But just to make sure you don’t plunge your male visitors into shock, the writers at Yahoo! Japan offer the following advice on 9 items that Japanese men say they definitely don’t want to see in a girl’s room

The items are based on a poll taken of the site’s male readers. Here are the results:

■ 9 Items That Shock Male Visitors to a Female’s Room

1. Hair removing products such as a nose hair cutter or an open bottle of hair removal cream
Men may wonder if you’re really hairy, or even feel guilty like they saw something they shouldn’t have. Okay, so these products should be kept out of sight. (But guys, do keep in mind that women use these items mainly in an effort to make themselves more attractive to men.)

2. Partially eaten or spoiled foods and unwashed dishes
This one’s not surprising, it’s just a matter of keeping your room in a decent condition and not turning it into a pigsty. You could be immaculately groomed when you go out, but being seen as a slob at home could understandably be a big turn off.

3. Photo books or life-size posters of Idols
One male reader commented that such items make him feel uncomfortable, as if there’s another guy in the room watching. The article recommends that ladies reduce the number of “idol-related” goods on display in their room. Maybe once you get to know your male friend better, you can gradually increase the number of items showing your preference.

4. Large-size bottles of sake and snacks
These may unfortunately be taken as signs of being a little too fond of drinking (and could be perceived as somewhat unlady-like in Japan), especially if your male friend himself is not too fond of alcohol. In such a case, the article suggests you could maybe mention that you had some friends over for a home party so it doesn’t look like you spend a good deal of your time at home consuming large amounts of alcohol and snacks.

5. Different types of diet pills/tablets that supposedly offer easy weight loss
Based on the poll, it seems some Japanese men may think such products indicate a girl’s desire to lose weight the easy way by simply taking some pills, which may make her look like a bit of a slacker in his eyes. And it could be a double whammy if you have not just one but several different types of diet pills in your room, as men may take that as evidence of your inability to stick with one diet regimen or product. Maybe some weights or other exercise equipment that shows you’re putting in effort would leave a better impression.

6. A hand written over-the-top motivational message put up on the wall
It’s common for Japanese people to hang scrolls up on the wall, typically with Japanese calligraphy on them, but when it’s a scroll with an overenthusiastic motivational message like “Reach for your dream!” (or sometimes it may be even a hand written message on a piece of poster paper), men may find it off-putting. Such messages are typical in the world of sports in Japan, but for non-athletes, the drive and enthusiasm can be a bit too much, so you may want to consider taking them down before you have special visitors.

7. Hand-made cosplay costumes
“What, she’s an otaku?” may be the surprised reaction of some Japanese men if they find such costumes in a girl’s room. Although it’s common enough in Japan for grown men and women to have a favorite manga or anime, few people go as far as creating original cosplay costumes, after all. If you’re into collecting manga or anime realted products, it may be wise to let your male friend know beforehand to avoid giving him an unexpected surprise.

8. Used (and well-worn) fake eyelashes
Ick, this is just plain creepy for both male and female friends visiting your room. One unfortunate male reader commented that he had the experience of being absolutely terrified by pieces of fake eyelashes that at first looked like some kind of hairy insect. Okay, so you should probably put your fake eyelashes away when you have visitors not just because it’s really not pleasant to look at, but also to avoid giving someone a heart attack.

9. Men’s clothing belonging to an unknown owner
Needless to say, having men’s clothing lying around where it can be seen when you’re having someone special over is just stupid. Even if there’s a perfectly harmless reason for the men’s clothing (and even more so if the reason is not so harmless), you should be careful to remove men’s clothing and other items from your room before inviting a male friend.

So, that’s what Japanese men have to say about what they would prefer not to see in a woman’s room. While some of it does sound a bit unfair to women (what, women aren’t supposed to drink lots of sake?), it does give you an idea of what Japanese men want in reality. I guess  much of it comes down to basic common sense, but I do sympathize with the man who was given a scare by fake eyelashes!

Regardless of what you may have or not have in your room, we hope everyone has a good time inviting and being invited by friends. Just remember to keep all your skeletons locked and hidden away in your closets!

Source: netallica (Japanese)
Top Image by: joanneteh_32