Beginning superpower China and Google have butted heads before over issues of censorship and privacy.  However, now some people in China have presented the world with some proof that Google’s Android was actually created in China – thousands of years earlier.

This photo was taken at the Museum of History in Shanxi Province.  Despite this actually being a photo of a three-legged bronze pot taken at an odd angle, it definitely resembles everyone’s favorite smartphone mascot.

Chinese net users are employing “majority rules” logic saying that if everyone who sees it thinks it looks like Android’s android, then Google must have gotten it from this Chinese produced pot.

Combine this with the Ancient Aliens’ school of thought that there is no evidence Google hadn’t developed time travel, went back to China’s Bronze Age, and lifted the likeness of their pots.  It looks like they have an airtight case.

According to an article by The Next Web, the Android logo was created by designer Irina Blok to be a culturally neutral worldwide symbol.  She goes on to claim that she drew the first sketch of it within 5 minutes.

Nice try Ms. Blok.  Clearly this is the result of a major corporation travelling through time and stealing the image of a bronze pot when seen isometrically.

Source: Sina Weibo (Chinese) via Byoukan Sunday (Japanese)
Image: Sina Weibo
Android Logo (seriously): Irina Blok

Here is another’s claim that the Android android was taken from a game by Atari.