Have you ever been frustrated at not being able to get your anger across in a text?  Maybe you were agitated enough to feel like sending a smash that would shatter the receiver’s screen to bits.  Now, with this application, there is a place for those feelings, an outlet so that you don’t have to swallow that anger leaving it to fester under your skin!  Smash Message is for you!

With this application you can “smash” a message by simply swinging your smart phone hard, like you were bringing it down to smite something.  If you put enough muscle into your swing, you will “shatter” the screen and your message is on its way. Just make sure you hold fast to your phone so that you don’t follow through with that hard swing and actually smash it on the floor!

Smash Message starts off by asking your mood. You have two choices:

Pick your mood

Are you boiling over with anger at someone or are you stepping high with happiness?  These are the two extreme choices. Choose well, then write your message and make like your phone is the gavel and you are the judge.

The app measures the strength of your swing, the stronger the smash, the worse the damage done to your screen. The message is then sent as a link which, when clicked, displays the message being “smashed” onto the recipients phone.

Mr. Sato tried it out on someone who really gets under his skin:

Getting ready for a heartfelt smash! Rrr————

—-o—-ar!!! Feel the tension and irritation drain out as you complete your smash!

According to the strength of the smash it appears on the irritating person’s screen like this. This is a 50% smash. 

Wow, that felt great! But Mr. Sato was a little disappointed that his smash had been just a little bit on the gentle side. Still, this is an excellent way to communicate when emoticons just aren’t enough!

Smash Message is available now for Android and coming soon for iPhone. It should be easy enough to navigate without a knowledge of Japanese, so why not try smashing a message yourself?

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