Last year, Sanrio unveiled Hello Kitty’s strawberry-eared superhero alter ego, Ichigoman (‘ichigo’ means ‘strawberry’ in Japanese).

According to official canon, Hello Kitty transforms into Ichigoman when she raises her strawberry smartphone into the air and, together with a crowd of enthusiastic supporters, shouts “power the kitty!” with the force of several million hertz.

As Ichigoman, Kitty uses her strawberry powers to fight monsters and other evils born from the hearts of the wicked. She’s also known to do quite a number on consumer’s wallets.

Now, after a year of going solo, Sanrio has finally given Ichigoman a partner to fight crime with: Darkgrapeman, a sidekick whose passion for justice is matched only by his fetish for latex.

Darkgrapeman rides around in a sidecar motorcycle and casts fear into the hearts of evil-doers with his battle cry: “Fruity freedom fighter! Darkgrapeman!” Fruity indeed.

Riding alongside Darkgrapeman is his sexy secretary, Honeymomo:

Honeymomo’s duties are usually confined to managing Darkgapeman’s crime fighting schedule, but she’s known to dabble in a bit of ass-kicking herself from time to time.

Sanrio revealed Darkgrapeman and Honeymomo last month in this exciting, but bondage-free, short animated film:

The two will join Ichigoman on the shelves of Sanrio retails stores across the country with a new line of character goods set to go on sale November 14.

In addition, fans can meet the three caped Kitty crusaders live during a “Hero Show” running until March 17 at the Sanrio Puroland theme park in Tokyo. It is a children’s show, however, so cosplaying as Darkgrapeman is not encouraged.

Source: Narinari, Sanrio

▼ Anyone else think the positioning of Honeymomo’s lower peach is a little awkward?