Arrrrgh, it’s Monday again! I thought we’d all agreed to stop this madness ages ago!?

The weekend’s over, another long week lies ahead and we all trundle back to work knowing that the next weekend could not be any further away…

We need something to pick us up! Something to fill us with genki spirit and give us that energy boost we need to face the day!

We need… videos of cute girls dancing while wearing headphones!!!

Let’s be honest, the sight of a cute girl/boy cheers us all up. No matter how crappy a job is, when that one gorgeous member of staff walks in, life suddenly doesn’t seem all that bad, does it? It’s incredibly shallow, but there’s no need to deny it; we’re all friends here!

So when our sister site RocketNews24 Japan introduced me to this video- featuring girls from every prefecture in Japan dancing outdoors while wearing headphones– I knew I’d found the perfect thing to help the rest of you start your week.

The videos come from Sony Japan’s “Extra Bass” promotional YouTube feed and features girls wearing the company’s new range of headphones. Each girl begins her video with a short self-introduction and either carries or refers to something from her own prefecture.

But that’s not important! The important thing is that there’s more energy in these videos than a sack of sugar-tripping hamsters, and each of the girls looks as cute as hell wearing those headphones. But, then again, what girl doesn’t look cute wearing a nice set of cans!?

Let’s kick off with Rinka Nishisawa from Aichi prefecture. Ignore the fact that she- along with all the other girls- is dancing to an Avril Lavigne track; Rinka can move. And she’s wearing glasses, which as any of my friends will tell you, earns her serious bonus points from the start…

The glasses came off part-way through, but we can forgive her.

Sony’s video feed also gives Japanese language learners a chance to sample some of the various dialects from around the country. There’s bound to be a few you haven’t heard before.

OK, OK, I’ll shut up now. Here, have some more videos!

Have a great week, Rocketeers!

Videos: Sony Japan

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