A group of international students at Peking University had come together to put up a Gangnam Style performance during the annual Peking University International Cultural Festival held in late October. One of the guys even parodied PSY by dressing himself up in the classic suit-with-sunglasses look.

It was such an enjoyable performance, that the chart topping hit was repeated again for the encore segment, and the students all gathered again on the main stage, waved their respective country flags and swayed along.

And of course, as the catchy phrase “Oppa Gangnam Style!” came on, everybody could no longer resist the urge to bring together their two hands and start trotting along to the beats.

“Oppa Gangnam Style!”

What came in the next line of the verse was something nobody expected though. The familiar “oh-oh-oh-oh” ended up as “uh-oh” as the main stage collapsed from the weight of dozens of young strong adults jumping at once.

Judging from the audience’s screams in the video, they must have been shocked by the accident. However, as the few students in the center quickly stood back up on their feet and tried to continue dancing even without music to keep the fun atmosphere going, the crowd also started giving their cheers. Unfortunately, some of the students at the back might have hurt themselves during the fall as we can see them leaving the stage in the video.

Now, this is good evidence to why people around the world are raving over this song. Gangnam Style is definitely a song that rocks the stage.

Source: sina.com