Okay, I’ve always been a cat person, so I may be just a tiny bit biased, but aren’t cats really just the most amazing animals?

I mean, they’re incredibly cute, soft and cuddly (well, when they don’t have their claws out) and they’re superb athletes to boot. Some of our past stories bear testimony to the physical ability of felines, from cats displaying ninja-like moves in stop motion to an adorable little kitten who gets trapped in a small glass jar and still manages to make a magnificent escape.

Today, we’re pleased to bring you another talented feline athlete caught on video.

This time, the star is a gravity defying cat capable of jumping almost 2m (about 6ft 7in) in the air! We couldn’t help but be awed by the cat’s grace and strength – truly “poetry in motion” – and we have to say we agree with the title of the video, “NOTHING CAN RIVAL THE JUMPING CAT!” No wonder the video has attracted attention worldwide.

According to the video, cats typically can jump to a height of up to 5 times their body length. Cat owners seem to agree that most cats would have no difficulty jumping up 1.6m (about 5ft 3in) in the air. But for this little kitty in the video, 1.6m is too easy!

Just how high can this cat jump? 1.7m? 1.8m? No, the wonder cat can go even higher! 1.87m, 1.92m, 1.94cm … the bar gets raised higher and higher … it looks like even a 2m jump might be possible!

And here’s what internet viewers from around the world had to say about the video:

“This cat’s a ninja! (U.S.A.)
“A ‘Slum Dunk’ cat, no mistake.” (Hong Kong)
“Olympic Gold Medal Class moves.” (Macao)
“Absolutely beautiful jumps! Really graceful!” (Taiwan)
“So this is how cats evolve. ” (China)
“I wish I could make my cat do this.” (Australia)

So, it seems viewers in other countries too were impressed with the cat’s agility and physical prowess. The video is even now still spreading around the world, particularly in Asia.

We have to say, cats do seem to have a strange power, not just physically but also the ability to fascinate us. Even in this home video, we thought it was totally cool that the cat has the sharp eyes of a predator as it jumps. And all the comments from the international viewers prove that the cat’s appeal knows no borders. We certainly hope our feline friends continue to charm us with entertaining videos, because we’re always ready for more!

Source: Youtube jamuomii
ET Today (Chinese)

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