Wish you could add even more Evangelion in your life?

Now your phone can tell the world you love Evangelion even when it’s turned off with these cubic zirconia home button stickers featuring Evangelion characters.

Japanese online marketplace, Strapya, is now selling iPhone home button jewel stickers featuring Evangelion character numbers and logos.  Each sticker costs 945 yen (US $11.61) and is made of cubic zirconia.

Fans can choose from a total of six different home buttons, four of which feature the name and number of the Evangelion main characters (Ayanami Rei, Ikari Shinji, Asuka Langley, and Makinami Mari Illustrious).  The other two home buttons feature the NERV and Seele logo.

The same designs are also available in a gold metal finish for the same price.

Now fans have an additional way to use their phone to show the world they love Evangelion besides their Evangelion home screen, Evangelion ring tone, and Evangelion phone cover.

Source: ITmedia