No one can accuse Hello Kitty of being a slacker. She’s constantly involved in projects with popular franchises, and we’ve seen her tackle an unbelievably wide range of jobs from appearing on anime-themed boxer briefs to being featured nude on a T-shirt. She’s also not averse to tolerating a little pain, having been through some baking and steaming in her line of work.

This time, our fearless Miss Kitty endures some roasting, just in time for the Thanksgiving Holidays!

The product, which is known as the Hello Kitty Reversable 8” Plush: Turkey, is another perfect example of how far Miss Kitty is willing to go for corporate profit to bring joy to all her fans around the world. In this case, Miss Kitty shape shifts from her usual self in cat-form holding a piece of turkey in her hand, to a whole roasted turkey. All you have to do is open the zipper on the back of her head, pull out the “turkey cover”, turn her face inside out and voila, she’s turned into a roast turkey within 10 seconds! Changing herself not only into an entirely different species but a sumptuous main dish — now that’s no easy job.

We actually don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Japan, and turkey is not a common dish either, so this stuffed Kitty apparently wasn’t made for the Japanese market, but we have to say that Miss Kitty never fails to impress us with her hard work, even if we’re not quite sure why she has to change into a turkey.

If you simply have to own a Turkey Roast Kitty, she’s available from the international Sanrio online shop for $28. Happy Thanksgiving!

Source and photos: ITmedia (Japanese)

▼Some pictures of Miss Kitty being turned into a roast turkey: