Hey guys and gals do you want to get down and dirty with our stable of sexy pandas?  Ting-Ting was a promising med student keeping herself modestly covered by thick fur.  But after injuring her leg heli-skiing and getting her lower half shaved she is ready to get wild with you for just $5.95 a minute.

Ting-Ting enjoys chewing bamboo shoots and scratching herself.  Her turnoffs include aggressive drivers and movies with a sad ending.

Let’s listen to a sample conversation with a satisfied caller:


Oh Ting-Ting, you got me so hot right now.


Me? I’m about 5’10 with blond hair.

[heavy breathing] Wwoof.

Oh god, you dirty girl.  What are you wearing?

… … [rubs nose on the phone]


Tempted? Well, don’t wait. Hurry to the phone and dial 1-979-SEXY-PANDA. Just because they refuse to mate with each other, doesn’t mean they aren’t ready to get with you!

***First minute charges are $25.95 followed by $5.95 each additional minute. Charges apply directly to your credit card and will be listed as Pink Panda Porno Party Inc. on your receipt.

Source: Wangyi News Forum (Chinese) via Chinaexplosion (Japanese)

Warning: the original website has the true story involving images of panda surgery, not sexy at all, but probably interesting to veterinarians