When I was a lad the only thrills we got were from watching the blacksmith’s daughter’s enormous breasts bounce around under her petticoats as she skipped across the village square each morning to buy bread and milk. But then again, I was born in 1840 and we didn’t have the computers then, let alone the Internet…

Kids today have only to power up their laptops and they’re just a few clicks away from several lifetimes’ worth of insanely graphic sexual content, meaning that parents have to keep a close eye on their offspring’s web surfing to ensure that they don’t stumble upon anything they shouldn’t.

But spare a thought for the high school student in Taiwan who, during a harmless search for a little online smut, accidentally discovered a video of his older sister that had been uploaded without her knowledge…

After discovering the offending (in oh-so-many ways) material, in what we can only imagine was the most awkward conversation of his young life, the teenager called his sister into the room to look at the video, asking, if not pleading “Sis, this isn’t you, right!?”

Wide-eyed, the boy’s older sister watched as the video played on the screen. Sure enough, it was her, and the video was already racking up hits on the website.

It turns out that the video had been taken by the girl’s ex boyfriend, a young man who the girl admits had “strange fetishes” and liked to record them having sex. The young man had evidently uploaded the video to the porn-sharing website, which showed the girl in graphic detail, even mentioned her by name.

When questioned, the girl’s ex boyfriend initially maintained that he had uploaded the video accidentally and that no harm was intended. Dissatisfied with his response, the girl took the issue to the local police who, after arresting and questioning the boy, discovered that he had uploaded the video intentionally “as an act of revenge” for the girl having dumped him.

According to the girl, her younger brother took the unusual step of searching for and downloading any videos of her as proof to show the authorities. We’re not sure that “dedication” is the right word to use here, but we’re sure that he had the best intentions at heart.

“Thanks to my brother spotting this video online so soon,” the girl later told Taiwanese media, “I was able to have the video removed at a point where it had only been viewed around 10,000 times.”

Ten thousand times? We have to admire the positive spin this young lady puts on the situation, but we think this incident should serve as a lesson to us all: the next time your partner suggests making a naughty little video, make sure you keep very close tabs on it…

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