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Japanese site Livedoor News gave us a chuckle earlier this week when they presented a short article detailing how regular, everyday folk like you and me (when I’m not dining on roasted swan with the queen, that is) can take a ride in a Formula One racing car and experience every skeleton-crushing g-force and stomach-wrenching twist and turn for real.

In a video taken at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dabi, United Arab Emirates, we see the unfortunate passenger in the rear of a specially adapted 1999 model Tyrrell F1 car thrown about as the professional driver tears around the track, almost as if he’s trying his hardest to get his passenger to throw up a lung.

All we can say is: thank goodness she’s wearing a helmet.

If you can watch what happens at 1:33 and not laugh then you’re clearly a better human being than I…

“Are you okay?” a member of the pit crew asks the passenger at the end of the run. “Just sit there and take a moment.”

Despite assuring the staff that she’s perfectly fine, we can’t help but wonder whether the female passenger is going to be suffering with a serve case of whiplash soon after.

1. What a beautiful day! I can’t believe I’m finally realizing my dream of riding in an F1 car!

F1 Nice day for a spin

2. Wow, this is fast! Wheeee!

F1 wheeee

3. “Holy crap holy crap holy crap holy crap”

F1 Holy crap

4. Thunk

F1 Whiplash

Reaching speeds of up to 350 km/h (217 mph) and with g-forces making your body feel up to four times its normal weight, it’s little wonder that this poor woman gets thrown around like a sack of potatoes in the back of a van and has no way of stopping her face repeatedly colliding with the seat in front of her.

Naturally, Japanese netizens catching this video online had plenty to say:

“OK, I LOLed at that impact. I know I shouldn’t, but…”

“So, rather than sitting, you just kind of prop yourself up using your neck? LOL”

“Hey, even Top Gear‘s Jeremy Clarkson was scared out of his wits when he rode in one of those things.”

“True. The person in the back has no control whatsoever and feels all the g-forces…”

“The back seat of an F1 car is probably the last place I’d ever want to sit haha”

If you’re feeling a little flush and are interested in taking a ride in one of these special F1 cars, the experience is available starting at just US$3,143. Alternatively, any member of the RocketNews24 will come around to your home and smack you in the head with a plank of wood while aiming a hair dryer at your face for half that amount. Think it over.

Livedoor News via コピペ情報局

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