Snowflake Macrophotography

I remember making paper snowflakes when I was a kid.  You know, the ones where you fold the paper into quarters, cut out a bunch of shapes and then open the paper to reveal a beautiful pattern. I always enjoyed making paper snowflakes, but I never thought real snowflakes actually looked like that.  When snow falls, it just looks like a big clump of white, not a beautiful mosaic that only mother nature could dream up.

Well, thanks to modern technology and the invention of the macro lens, the paper snowflakes of our childhood have come to life. Take a look at these super close-up shots of real snowflakes taken by Moscow photographer, Andrew Osokin.  Who knew snowflakes were actually this beautiful!?

Some are so perfect, you’d think they were fake:

Snowflake Macrophotography Snowflake Macrophotography9 Snowflake Macrophotography8 Snowflake Macrophotography3 Snowflake Macrophotography2 Snowflake Macrophotography20 Snowflake Macrophotography14 Snowflake Macrophotography6

▲ That’s one tough little snowflake. It’s not going to melt until it’s good and ready.

Some look like they would be at home amongst coral at the bottom of the ocean:

Snowflake Macrophotography5 Snowflake Macrophotography10 Snowflake Macrophotography18 Snowflake Macrophotography17 Snowflake Macrophotography19

Some resemble other things in nature:

Snowflake Macrophotography11

▲ This one looks like a bunch of pine needles.

Snowflake Macrophotography4

▲ It almost looks like a rose.

Others are completely out of this world:

Snowflake Macrophotography12 Snowflake Macrophotography13 Snowflake Macrophotography15 Snowflake Macrophotography16▲ This one looks like the hill from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas.

Source: Hamusoku