It’s not often that a product hits the web and immediately gets thousands of retweets, but with a name like “Pubic Hair Stickers“, you really can’t help but be intrigued. The makers of this hot new item are Mekomeko Club, a mysterious duo consisting of an art school student (Mashiimi) and a businesswoman (Oshiri Genki/Healthy Butt), and website Excite was lucky enough to score an interview to ask what inspired them to create sticky little short and curlies.

Your product has made quite a splash on the net. What made you think of creating pubic hair stickers in the first place?
M: The two of us were talking about hair and we realized that pubic hair has an incredible destructive force. No matter how elegant a person looks, one little pubic hair gets stuck to his clothes and you can’t listen to anything he has to say and even the person himself will begin to feel there is something wrong with him, you know? It’s just one little hair, but it has this power you can’t ignore. So we wondered if you could make use of that power, what would you be able to accomplish?
O: Of course, if you used the real thing, it would just be seen as kind of mean a prank, so we thought, “If we made stickers, they could be used in a fun, lighthearted way.”

Still, even with fake ones, there are probably a lot of people who really wouldn’t get the joke, so what kind of situations did you envision these being used in?
M: We recommend using them when you can really shock someone, like sticking them on a plate or a cup. In the context of food, they are especially shocking. We’ve made them fairly water-resistant, so they can get a bit wet without losing their color. We would like to ask that you not use them in public places, though.

That’s pretty impressive! They’re not just pubic hair stickers, but high-performance, water-resistant pubic hair stickers. By the way, is there any special knack to applying these stickers?
From the packaging:

How to Apply
– The stickers will naturally adhere to an appropriate surface
– Applying another sticker on top of that will make it look more authentically like hair
– Applying them to the skin is also funny

Even though these are artificial pubic hairs, even more so than the real ones, there must be some things to be careful about.
M: Yeah, you need to choose the people you are going to use these on carefully. Please only use them on close friends. If these stickers are the cause of some horrible incident, Mekomeko Club can’t really take responsibility for that. Enjoy them at your own risk!
O: Pubic Hair Stickers are a method of communication, and you can communicate quite a lot with them, I think. This is the season for end-of-the-year and new year’s parties, and we can probably recommend these for a funny raffle or game prize, though whether people would be happy to receive them is another question. In that situation though, you can’t really choose who will get them, so be careful you don’t ostracize yourself.

Where can people buy Pubic Hair Stickers?
M: At the moment, on the online store for Village Vanguard and the mail order site for Maniacs Manufacturing. By the way, did you know that Village Vanguard described our product as the most disgusting thing they’re ever carried? (smiles)
O: The best review we’ve ever had!

And how are they selling?
M: Faster than we can make them, actually.
O: Because they are made one at a time by hand and come wrapped with our love and devotion.
M: At my house, my mom and my little brother are also helping.

I guess it takes some time and effort to craft pubic hair. Other than this project, what else is Mekomeko Club working on at the moment?
M: We just want to make things that will be loved by people of all ages. Oh, and we want to build a Pubic Hair Palace.

From what I’ve heard, these stickers are going to be featured on a TBS TV show.
M: Yes, that’s right. On Saturday the 15th, they will be on TBS’ Young Directors and Ishihashi’s Saturday Third Round at the very late hour of 2:18 a.m.
O: Yet another high-water moment for us…

And that was the duo Mekomeko Club, who has been working together since high school to make products that “add a little spice to daily life.” Keep your eyes peeled for their next surprising invention!

Look very closely and you'll see there is something wrong with these nice melons. Get it off, get it off!

Look very closely and you’ll see there is something wrong with these nice melons. Get it off, get it off!

There seems to be something on my glasses... OH DEAR GOD!

There seems to be something on my glasses… OH DEAR GOD!

And the mysterious duo themselves, protecting their real identities as one of them is in the middle of a job hunt.

And the mysterious duo themselves, protecting their real identities as one of them is in the middle of a job hunt.

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