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Want to get your hands on a Hokkaido Meowth eating a melon? Or how about a Fukuoka Oshawott in a bowl of ramen? Our favorite is Osaka Pikachu holding okonomiyaki, Osaka’s signature dish.

Hurry up!  Pokemon Centers across Japan are now offering adorable regional Pokemon goods for a limited time only!

These limited edition Pokemon goods feature four of the game’s most popular characters (Pikachu, Oshawott, Meowth and Eevee) posing with famous things from seven of Japan’s major cities.

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The characters are printed on a variety of goods:

Beaded Cellphone Charm:  525 yen (US $6.24)

Earphone Jack Accessory: 609 yen (US $7.24)

Mechanical Pencil: 630 yen (US $7.49)

Ball Point Pen: 630 yen (US $7.49)

Mini towel: 525 yen (US $6.24)

Socks: 420 yen (US $4.99)

Each region’s limited edition Pokemon are on sale now until March 2013 and can only be purchased at the Pokemon Center in that region. For example, Yokohama Pokemon can only be bought at the Yokohama Pokemon Center. The regional Pokemon goods are perfect for souvenirs, but since they are scattered all around Japan, it will be extremely hard to catch them all.

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Source: Esteru