Chinese Knockoffs6

It’s well known that China produces an overwhelming amount of counterfeit goods. The country is most famous for producing fake designer handbags, but there’s a surprising amount of non-apparel items floating around on the Chinese black market.  In recent years, production of knockoff consumer items has been rapidly increasing and the International Chamber of Commerce expects international trade of counterfeit goods to reach $1.7 trillion by 2015.

Although this poses an enormous problem for the world economy, Chinese-produced counterfeit goods provide the citizens of the internet with a good laugh at some of the obviously fake products.  Take a look at just a fraction of the outrageous knockoff goods you can find in China where a misspelled word is a mere minor offense.

Chinese Knockoffs

▲     I think I like the foo dog design better than the original mermaid design.

Chinese Knockoffs2

▲     Steve Jobs looks a little off…

Chinese Knockoffs3

▲     One Japanese net user commented that they couldn’t figure out what was different.  I guess mom jeans aren’t popular in Japan.

Chinese Knockoffs4

Chinese Knockoffs5

Chinese Knockoffs7

▲     Double your pleasure, double your fln.

Chinese Knockoffs8

▲     Get your hands off my Heimy!

Chinese Knockoffs9

▲     Red Labial…that sounds dirty!

Chinese Knockoffs10

Chinese Knockoffs11

Chinese Knockoffs12

▲    This one is crazy…an entire store has been counterfeited.  You have some big balls, China.

Chinese Knockoffs13

▲     Many Japanese net users commented that they want to buy this knockoff Puma shirt.

Chinese Knockoffs14

Chinese Knockoffs15

▲     Uh oh!  Someone’s in trouble.

Chinese Knockoffs16

Chinese Knockoffs17

Chinese Knockoffs18

▲     Made of styrofoam?

Chinese Knockoffs19

▲     “It’s cool guys, this one’s from Mexico.  Check out the Spanish writing on the box.”  You aren’t fooling us, China!

Chinese Knockoffs21

Chinese Knockoffs20

▲     Value pack?  How many fake PSP’s come in a box?

Source: Hamusoku