Today marked the first day of Comic Market 83, Japan’s largest comic convention held twice annually at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center.

As is the case every year, thousands of Japanese nerds rushed (very orderly) into the convention hall early in the morning with cash in hand and left in the evening with bags laden with spoils.

And, as is the case every year, some of the bags are really, really embarrassing.

While it’s not as bad as the “Vagina Bag” earlier this year, this was spotted returning from the convention this afternoon:


That’s a grown man holding “hands” with a little girl…bag…thing.

And the worst part is, that bag is probably full of porn.

One of the things that sets Comic Market— often abbreviated “Comiket”—apart from other comic conventions is that all of the books sold there are self-published. Known as doujinshi, many of these indie comics are fan-made works based on real intellectual properties and often pornographic in nature. Yes, even if the characters are underage.

Many of the artists who hold booths at Comiket also design their own bags which they pass along to visitors who purchase their work. Like the comics themselves, many of these bags feature erotic imagery. As we saw back in August, this can be a little awkward when the people carrying them walk through public areas or ride the trains home.

Luckily, the bag above is just creepy instead of outright offensive. And recently, people are being more careful to disguise their pornographic bags of porn until they get home.

And then there’s bags like this:


It reads: “I’m on the way home from Comiket. I BOUGHT A TON OF EROTIC COMICS. I can’t wait to get home! Mufufufufu!”

Source: Jinsoku

▼ And this is the kind of bag that causes trouble