**WARNING: Scenes in this video might be disturbing to some**

On 3 January, in Shenzhen, China a 21 year-old man purchased a large kitchen knife in a busy shopping district and proceeded to slash it at anyone within arm’s reach.

The attack was caught by security cameras in the area and released to the media. The upsetting video shows the knife wielding man repeatedly slash at one woman and proceed to walk along the lane swinging at anyone with little regard to whether he hit them or not.

Six people were hit by the attacks.  One middle-aged man died from loss of blood after an artery in his neck was severed.

Another middle-aged woman identified as Ms. Chen was slashed in the face as she walked out of a bank. She survived but lost her nose from the attack.

Four others received minor cuts and were released from the hospital. In video a man holding a baby can be seen narrowly avoiding the assailant’s path.  A security guard on the scene said the man seemed clearly out of sorts but had enough faculties to avoid attacking her because of her uniform.

The many bystanders quickly aided police in apprehending the man. Shenzhen law enforcement officers praised the public’s assistance in avoiding further casualties.

According to M.I.C Gadget, the man had trouble holding down a steady job and “weary of life and no longer wish[ed] to live. He also apologized for those who were hacked by him and felt regret for what he had done.”

Perhaps he should start showing his remorse by hacking off his own nose and donating it to Ms. Chen.

I imagine he will receive the death penalty for this offence, but it would be nice he could get a life sentence instead – preferably in a cell block with a high incidence of anal rapes.

Source: Sina News (Chinese) via M.I.C Gadget (English)
Video: YouTube – kwai leung lai

▼ Ms. Chen recovering in hospital with her daughter.