Starbucks Cup Messages

It all started with a simple message: “Benkyou Ganbare.” Good luck with your studies.

And then the pictures of Starbucks cups came rolling in.

It’s such a simple gesture; a hand-written message given to a student along with the cup of water he asked for at Starbucks. But this small message sparked a flurry of retweets and prompted users to upload their own photos of the cups of cheer they received from Starbucks Japan. Have a look at some of the best pictures of the bunch:

Starbucks Cup Messages2

^”Ganbette kudasai” (Good luck!)

Starbucks Cup Messages3

^ “Yoi otoshi wo” (Happy New Year!)

Starbucks Cup Messages4

^ “Happy” “New” “Year”

Starbucks Cup Messages5

^ Sometimes, words alone aren’t enough.

Source: Jin115