Since 2002, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) has been running a educational program aimed at fostering creative thinking among children called “Pitagora Suicchi”, which translates to “PythagoraSwitch”.

While the focus of the 15-minute program is a puppet show directed toward kids aged six and below, it has become a hit with adults as well thanks to short intermission segments featuring complex contraptions called “Pythagora Devices”, which are essentially Rube Goldberg machines made from simple household items.

Last week, NHK aired a special one-hour spin-off of the show aimed at stimulating adult minds, complete with powered-up versions of the popular Pythagora Devices. The segments are absolutely mesmerizing to watch and, lucky for us, have been compiled in a single video, which you can find embedded below!

And I thought it was cool when I could make dominoes branch off into two separate lines…

In case the YouTube video gets taken down, here’s the original via Niconico as well. Make sure to press the triangle button in the middle if you want to watch without having to register.

You can also find quite a few video collections of Pythagora Devices from the normal show. Here’s perhaps the most extensive:

If Rube found out the Japanese had perfected his invention, he’s probably roll over in his grave — and knock over a coffin and initiates a chain reaction resulting in the lighting of a single match.

Source: Niconico, NHK
Header image: yuoak