They say money can’t buy happiness, but it’s certainly enough to get a paraplegic beggar up and walking, according to these photos recently shared on Dao Ke Dao.

The man in the photos appears to have no legs and can be seen crawling through the streets and reaching out for alms from sympathetic passersby.

Beggars are nothing new in the big cities of China, and most people probably make it a point to look forward and keep walking, but when the person asking for your help appears to be disabled, it’s much more difficult to ignore them.




However, the photographer who was following this particular beggar witnessed something incredible: once the disabled man had accumulated enough money, he magically sprouted a new pair of working legs and nonchalantly walked off to count his spoils. Hallelujah!


It’s a shame cash doesn’t have the same effect on those living on the streets who are actually disabled.

Source: Dao ke Dao