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And here we were thinking that our sugar-coated pastries came from Krispy Kreme and Mr. Donut. According to this promotional video for Japanese comic Tenshi no Doroppu (or Angel’s Drop as it is subtitled), however, cookies, cakes and doughnuts are not made but “born” by young ladies who are periodically overwhelmed by the power of pastry and let rip with a tide of sweets large enough to feed an entire truckload of hungry teenagers.

Potentially NSFW pics and a full intro video after the jump.

No, your eyes did not deceive you: those cakes are actually emerging from the girls’ nether regions. Although we’d definitely prefer not to read the manga in a public place or even be found with a copy in our possession, this teaser video does admittedly pique our curiosity, not to mention leave us with plenty of questions, such as:

1. Is the homoerotic kissing a necessary step in the baking process?

tenshi chu

2. Do all cookies make the same sound when they are born? And what of Battenberg cake?

tenshi poru

3. Under the Trade Descriptions Act of 1968, are the girls required to list where the cookies were made?

tenshin trio

Bizarre. Just bizarre.

For more on Chizuna Nakajima’s curious comic, as well as a sneak peek inside some of the newest issues, head over to Comic Meteor. Just don’t think for a second that you’ll be able to look a gingerbread man in the eye ever again…

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