Phoney muse

Arriving in Japan late last week for two nights of shows, English band Muse – whose tracks have been featured on comedian-cum-doodler Tekken’s videos on multiple occasions – decided to let their hair down and take a walk through the streets of Tokyo.

Dressed, as one Japanese Twitter user comments, “like flamingoes”, however, they stuck out like a sore thumb and were soon snapped by fans and confused passers-by alike. Amateur photography and excited quotes a-plenty after the jump.

“I was out in Shibuya centre last night at around 5:30 p.m. when I saw Matthew from Muse,” writes Twitter user @arufure. “Well, I think it was him; dressed like a flamingo, he was busy taking video…”

The band’s presence in the city was confirmed almost immediately by another user who wrote “The guys from the band Muse just appeared out of a side-street in Shibuya!” followed soon after by @Nelly_96ciel who laments having taken a shot of the band from behind but mistaking them for something altogether different:

“Aaaah! That was Muse!? I saw them in their funky outfits and thought they must have been from Cirque du Soleil!”

muse on the streets from behind

The rock band, hailing from Devon, England, was spotted meandering through the narrow side-streets of Shibuya’s popular izakaya Japanese pub district, but also stopped off to strike a few poses and have their photographs taken, perhaps for promotional use or simply to document their first solo visit to Japan in more than three years.

Here we see lead vocalist Matthew Bellamy propping up a graffitti-splattered wall.

Blurry muse

“I showed this photo- taken while the Muse guys were having their pictures taken outside – to my little sister;” writes @aimi_loser_69, “She looked at Matthew Bellamy in his get-up and said ‘he looks gay’. No, he’s not gay!”

Muse Matt's shoes

It’s Bellamy’s choice of footwear that’s getting the most attention online, though, with many wondering whether his choice of shoes is somehow influenced by the band’s song “Panic Station”. They certainly are a little busy, to put it mildly.

Thankfully, at least one Japanese fan had the courage to approach the guys instead of just snapping away with their phone from a safe distance. Lucky Twitter user @Shin182 posted this photo, gleefully adding: “I got Matthew Bellamy’s signature! I met the guy! Seriously, I can’t stop shaking!!!”

Muse signature

User @kaazuukii, meanwhile, could barely maintain their excitement on seeing the guys stroll by: “I just walked past the band Muse on the street. I was so shocked, all I had time to say was ‘Muse!’ Matthew just smiled back at me.”

Well, at least you got a smile, eh?

muse on the streets

Source/images: NAVER まとめ