There are two types of people in this world: those who lick the yogurt off the lid, and those who don’t.

Most of us probably fall in the former camp; after all, that’s good yogurt. But two Japanese Twitter users have come up with the idea or a cup of yogurt that even the most adamant lid-lickers would be hesitant to lap up at.


In case you’re having trouble figuring it out, that’s a yogurt lid with an image imposed on it of a prepubescent girl lying submissively on her back as she waits for you to lick the creamy white liquid (yogurt) off her body.

This ethically questionable idea was derived from a tweet made by @otakumap, who suggested that there would be nothing strange about licking the image of a girl if it was printed on the back of a yogurt lid.

Follower @neeeeko1 decided to see what this might actually look like by drafting up the image above and posting it to Twitter. @neeeeko1 explains that the illustration may only appeal to lolicons, but printing it on a yogurt lid would indeed justify rubbing your tongue all over it.

A bold business idea, to be sure, but we imagine it would be difficult to convince supermarkets to stock this on their shelves next to the Go-Gurt. Unless that supermarket is run by TamaToys.

Source: Kotaku Japan, Twitter