The latest trailer for Fate/Extra CCC, an upcoming Japanese role-playing game for the PSP, has become a talking point after it was uploaded to YouTube and Niconico earlier this week.

The short promotional movie introduces a character called Passion Lip, a girl with long purple hair and gigantic claws. The problem, according to Japanese netizens, is that Passion Lip’s claws are far too big — even for a Japanese video game.

To see what they mean, check the trailer below:

Oh, I’m sorry, did we saw claws? Because we meant comically large breasts.

“I can’t masturbate to this!”, laments one Japanese user on 2channel, Japan’s largest internet message board.

“There isn’t anything erotic about this, it’s just disgusting. If you’re going to go big like this, it’d actually be more erotic to cover her breasts, but but a single belt covering her nipples? Such over-exposure is nothing more than madness,” posits another.

Indeed, Passion Lip is blatantly busty that we wouldn’t doubt you if you told us someone had photoshopped her chest as a joke.

And as many 2ch users point out, while there’s no shortage of well-endowed female video game characters out there, it’s Passion Lip’s childish voice and appearance that really ramp up the ridiculous factor.

Still, it’s better than the Monster Monpiece and its groundbreaking “masturbation control scheme“.

Fate/Extra CCC will be released on March 28 in Japan. The game will come in two editions: a standard edition for 6,279 yen (US $70), and a limited edition called the TYPE-MOON VIRGIN WHITE BOX for 10,479 yen ($116).

Source: Hachima Kikou, Fate/Extra CCC

▼ “N-no! Don’t spread my chest…! Don’t shove such huge data in there…!”


▼ “H-hot! I’m…burning… N…no, stop…”


▼Another upcoming game for the PS Vita by the same publisher, Marvelous AQL, Senran Kagura SHINOVI VERSUS. Notice any recurring themes?