MisoSoupDesign Bowl2

Salty tears roll down your cheeks as you spend yet another night alone eating instant ramen. You despondently stare at the ripples formed as you continue to sob into your noodles. The broth takes on a miserable taste you are all too familiar with.

Singles rejoice! Your nights of eating alone will be made a little less lonely thanks to this new invention: the anti-loneliness ramen bowl!

The anti-loneliness ramen bowl will hold your smartphone as you slurp. Now instead of eating in awkward silence, you can prop up your phone and surf the net.

The bowls were created by Miso Soup Design, a design studio led by Daisuke Nagatomo from Japan and Minnie Jan from the United States. Anti-loneliness ramen bowls are not available for purchase yet, but hopefully they will include a splash guard once the bowls are released.

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MisoSoupDesign Bowl3

Source: Esteru