For many of us out there, the recent festivities of the New Year will be leaving our pockets empty and our stomachs a little bloated, but if a certain recent job advertisement is anything to go by there’s a way to make some quick cash on a large scale. No this is not some dodgy backstreet deal but a fully fledged chance for a six month contract with Sega.

The position offers a 2 million yen (US$22.5k) compensation, and while it’s ongoing for a six month period, the actual hours of work sum up to no more than one week!

The job’s official title is “Representative Commander of Japan”, and is arguably a recruiting post that will let only the most ‘elite’ of applications through to the final stages of screening. As the title suggests, your duty would be to command all the Japanese players and lead them to a state of victory in an online-game setting. It brings me to tears to say this, but before readers from around the world think about applying, be warned  that this is for Japanese residents only!

Just why would Sega create such a job posting in the first place?

It seems that this is all an ingenious way to publicize Sega’s latest smart phone based game, “Kingdom Conquest 2”. The game has already received quite a large reception across Europe and China. Sega looks to be similarly pushing the game’s popularity further in the land of the rising sun. Here, by hiring an ‘in-game commander’ to strengthen the skills of the current Japanese users, Sega hopes that it will not only promote further interest in the game itself, but also increase the fan base as a whole.

As a Representative Commander of Japan, your role will be to find effective ways to convey the appeal, and merit of, playing the “Kingdom Conquest 2” game. Helping to increase the Japanese gamers’ morale by praising their gaming skills and leading them into exhilarating battles with  international users is also an indispensable part of the role.


The foreseeable merits of this job:

  • Getting to play the latest online game with a ton of users.
  • Acting as a commander and gaining a heap of respect.
  • Getting paid a ton of cash.

Foreseeable demerits:

  • None.

It’s perhaps an understatement to say that anyone interested in, or adept at, the “Kingdom Conquest” style of game would find this type of job right up their street.

Thinking about it for what it is, is getting paid a seriously large sum of cash just for sitting around playing video games all day really socially acceptable? Let’s forget about that one for a moment and think about just how fun it would be to realize such a gaming dream!

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