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How much do you love your cat? Really, how much? Would you consider purchasing an entire home specifically designed to make life as pleasant as possible for your favorite feline? If so, Japanese homebuilder Asahi Kasei may have just what you’re looking for. And for the hardcore cat lover, it just might be—sorry can’t resist—the cat’s meow.

An abundance of exposed beams, elevated platforms and built-in steps provide your cat with plenty of exercise options, and also the perfect vantage point from which to look down on you with an appropriate degree of aloofness and sense of superiority.

Pet doors guarantee your cat the run of the house, and indoor gratings mean your window insect screens will, for the first time since the little fuzz ball became part of your life, last an entire summer.
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And let’s not forget the litter box! Kasei has a few options to ensure your cat can get the privacy, cleanliness and comfort it undoubtedly believes it deserves. Can the luxury and hygiene of a specially designed washlet toilet for cats be far behind?

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Images: Asahi Kasei
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