Human shushi title

Get ready for some freaky culture, boys and girls! A very special Norwegian dance troupe is in town and they’re going where few have dared to go before: raw fish-themed foods!

Under the title of “Human Sushi”, this team of dancers performs three different sushi-themed dance routines, bringing nigiri-zushi (regular, oblong-shaped sushi) sashimi (strips of raw fish sans rice) and maki-zushi (roll sushi) to life- in frighteningly tight clothing.

Three videos to challenge your perceptions and invade your eyeballs after the break!

The videos you’re about to witness are the work of Godfisk– a Norwegian food site that promotes seafood dishes and contains dozens of mouthwatering recipes and fish-themed cooking ideas. The videos are certainly an unusual way of reminding people about seafood, but there’s no denying that they grabbed our attention.

Let’s start off with a little classic nigiri-zushi action, shall we?

Who’d have thought that six people and a few orange and white spandex suits could produce such a startling visual effect? Salmon’s not my absolute favourite sushi, personally, but it certainly stands out in many people’s minds as a sushi staple, and the team have captured its simplicity here perfectly. But my goodness those outfits leave very little to the imagination, don’t they? If only the dancers wouldn’t jiggle up and down quite some much…


Moving swiftly on! Next it’s time to cut out the rice entirely and enjoy a little sashimi. This dance is perhaps the most energetic of the three, and sees the troupe happily throwing shapes until some…thing runs by with chopsticks (?) and cuts them all down. If any of our insightful readers can shed any light on this one, we’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!

Man, that third dancer can really shake it, can’t he? For all his exotic moves, though, I’m not sure this routine’s going to put many in the mood for dinner…

wiggle wiggle

It’s the maki-zushi, however, that most rocked our socks:

Did anyone else get an almost alien, otherworldly vibe from this video? The lead dancer’s green, serpent-like avocado costume followed by the appearance of two prawns with big, creepy alien eyes certainly kept us glued to the screen. And then all of a sudden they’re striking this pose and wearing pained expressions:


In comes the long strip of nori seaweed and wraps the avocado, prawn and white rice all together in a snug little bundle.

maki complete

We have to admit, though, that the genuine article looks absolutely delicious…

maki real

Thanks to years of sensory bombardment from the Internet, advertising rarely has much of an effect on us here at RocketNews24, but when it comes to food we’re absolute suckers for being told what to eat. Well done to the guys and girls at Godfisk for putting together such a genuinely interesting promotional video; it’s certainly a little bit off the wall, but our stomachs are positively rumbling right now!

Source: Godfisk via IT Media