Idaho burger

Never afraid to mix things up a little, McDonald’s Japan announced earlier today that its Texas and Idaho burgers will be making a comeback in the coming weeks. The two burgers are part of the struggling fast food chain’s Big America ALL STARS (their capitalization) series, following on the relative success of the alternative sandwiches in previous years.

Just when you thought it was safe to stroll down the high street, these two monster burgers come out to get you. The Texas burger is scheduled to go on sale from 1 February until the end of the month, costing 360-400 yen (US$4-4.40) while the Idaho burger is set to be fired into our hungry shout holes from the end of February until mid March, costing 360-410 yen.

▼Behold! The glorious grease-fest that is the McDonald’s Texas burger

Texas burger

Featuring cheese, chilli, onion, bacon and mustard relish, the Texas burger aims to bring a bite of America to Japanese fast food fans. Whether it’s in any way authentic, we have absolutely no idea. If any Texans out there would care to fill us in, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

▼The Idaho burger looks positively challenging

Idaho burger

The Idaho burger, meanwhile, looks a little odd if you ask us. Complete with hash browns, onion, bacon and pepper relish, it certainly has a lot going on between its buns, and we can only imagine that the mixture of textures with each bite would take a little getting used to.

As well as these two creations, American barbecue style shakashaka seasoned potato fries, chicken nuggets with a creamy ranch dipping sauce, and blueberry shakes are also due to invade Japan during the next two months. My chest feels tight already…

Source: Homme Images: 俺的ゲーム速報