It has come to RocketNews24‘s knowledge that a rare lawsuit has been filed by a formerly married couple in China. The man charged his ex-wife with the crime of “being too ugly” which apparently is just a civil offence in that area.

Now, this seems like one of those crazy-guy-makes-ridiculous-lawsuit-gets-laughed-out-of-court stories, but the man was awarded around US$100,000 in damages by the judge.

The tale of these two love birds began with a storybook marriage between a man who fell head over heels in love with a stunning vision of beauty.  The honeymoon period was great and resulted in the miracle gift of a baby girl.

However, when the baby was delivered the husband received the shock of his life. Not only did the baby not resemble her parents, but she was “butt ugly.”

Right away the man assumed that his wife had been stepping out on him and, as a result, the “hideous” illegitimate love child lay before him. He requested an investigation into his so-called wife.

It turned out that the woman had not been with any other men, but perhaps she had not been entirely honest either. Prior to their marriage she had received extensive plastic surgery in Korea at an estimated cost of $100,000.

Unfortunately, Korea has not yet perfected surgically altering one’s DNA.

Shocked by this revelation, the man filed for divorce and sued his ex-wife for “pretending to be beautiful.”  In what must have been a bizarre trial including the determination of a “legally ugly” baby, the judge ruled in favor of the disgruntled former husband to the tune of about $100,000.

The true victim of this mess of course is the child of these two stable examples of humanity. If anything, she could get a gig as a spokesperson for this Taiwanese plastic surgery center.

Source: Peachy – Livedoor (Japanese)
Image: RocketNews24