Hello Kitty Mariscal

Hello Kitty gets a funky new makeover!

As part of celebrations for the 400th anniversary of exchange between Japan and Spain, a line of products will be released featuring a new style of Hello Kitty designed by Spanish graphic designer Javier Mariscal.

Javier Mariscal is best known for the creation of Cobi, the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games mascot. This time, Mariscal is using Hello Kitty as a canvas for his unique designs. At first glance, it looks like a mouth has been draw on Hello Kitty’s usually expressionless face, but it’s actually not meant to be a mouth; this is just a part of Mariscal’s design.

Mariscal drew inspiration from the following words to create his Hello Kitties: art, Mariscal, Spain, femininity, world. Since Hello Kitty has been a beloved character for three generations of people, Mariscal also wanted to make sure that the designs would appeal to all generations.

Mariscal’s Hello Kitty will be printed on stationery, apparel and other goods, and could hit stores before summer 2013, although a definitive release date has not been decided. Currently, the Mariscal Hello Kitty goods will only be sold in Japan, but talks about international sales are ongoing.

Source: NariNari