Calendar 1

We’re already well into February, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to throw away your Hello Kitty calendar and replace it with something a little more risqué.

Nudey calendars have existed for generations, but the Nyotai Goyomi (lit. “woman’s body calendar”) is composed entirely of close-up shots of various parts of the female form, each with the day and date hand-written onto that particular section of flesh in Japanese. Not a single face is featured throughout the 365 pages of the calendar, but there’s plenty here to keep admirers of the female form interested, with plenty of thighs, necks, shoulders and backs to be gazed at while pretending to be unsure what day it is.

The following images, seemingly taken from previous years’ calendars if their dates are anything to go by, surfaced earlier today on a number of Japanese news sites and have garnered a great deal of excitement and appreciation. We felt it only fair to share them with you, our beloved readers.

Here’s a quick preview of what the calendar series has to offer:

▼Finally, a legitimate reason to stare at thighs!

Calendar 4

Calendar 13

Calendar 7

For those who prefer their calendars a little classier, some pages even feature numbers written in kanji characters. Remember: it’s not erotica, it’s art.

Calendar 2

Calendar 3

And then there are the inevitable school uniform shots which fluctuate between cheeky and downright naughty.

Calendar 14
Calendar 12

Calendar 9

Calendar 5

Calendar 8

The Alice in Wonderland-style maid outfit, meanwhile offers a slightly less cliché, but equally Lolita, distraction.

Calendar 10

Calendar 11

Calendar 6

Not for want of trying, and despite many sites proclaiming the arrival of the 2013 Nyotai Goyomi Calendar, we have yet to find a single site stocking it. Online treasure trove Village Vanguard proudly stocked the 2012 version, but there’s currently no trace of the latest titillating compilation. We’ll be sure to keep you posted if it does turn up, however.

We’re not quite sure why this topic suddenly cropped up on so many of Japan’s online bulletin boards, but we’d by lying if we said we weren’t even the tiniest bit glad they did. I can’t speak for the ladies here on the RocketNews24 team, but we men are simple creatures and these images just made Monday that little bit more bearable.