I think we’re gonna need a bigger bun.

Japanese fast food chain Lotteria, home to the mountain of melted cheese that was our own 30-patty cheeseburger tower, announced yesterday that it will be providing diners with an altogether larger eating experience as of February 22. The above burgers are part of the chain’s “hamidashi” (meaning to jut or hang out over the sides) range, but we’re  affectionately dubbing them the “hangover” series.

The “Hamidashi ebi (shrimp/prawn) patty burger” is due to go on sale between 22 February until the end of March, with the “Hamidashi bacon ‘unique’ cheeseburger” taking over from 26 March until the end of April. Both burgers will retail for 500 yen (US$5.40) each.

With a 12 mm-thick slice of bacon jutting out from the sides of the bun, and a shrimp pattie reported to be twice the size of previous efforts, these two sandwiches certainly live up to their name. Whether they’ll be enough to fend off McDonald’s own Texas and Idaho burgers, which were announced just last week are also expected to go on sale around the same time this month, remains to be seen.

Source: ねとらぼ