A South Korean woman recently made national news when she boasted about her boyfriend’s present on Facebook, because when this loverboy wanted to say how he felt, he said it with a grenade.

The boyfriend is said to be enrolled in the military, and was quite likely a big Bruno Mars fan.

On 2 February, the unidentified woman posted the above message on her Facebook page.  It read:

“I got this. I’m going to burst! Why did he steal this? LOLOLOLOLOLOL”

Attached to the message was a photo of what appeared to be a real hand grenade.

The message was originally set to be visible only to those on her Facebook friends list, many of whom quickly sent comments to the effect of “Erase that immediately!” and “Think about your boyfriend!” Nevertheless, absurdity can never be stopped on the Internet, and this comment and photo spread like wildfire.

When the woman discovered the attention she was getting she deleted her entire account, but it was too late. Screenshots of the Facebook post had already spread to blogs, social networks, and news sites everywhere.

Korean netizens, in general, had this to say:


But among those sentiments were some who though something deeper was going on. “Maybe they’re breaking up?” or “It seems like the guy reassembled a used grenade,” were some ideas that came up.

The latter comment seems to be the most likely scenario. On the explosive, “training grenade” is written. While this could still make it potentially a live frag, we have to assume the boyfriend is not criminally stupid or insane.

If anything, it’s probably a prop used for teaching in a classroom. However, that doesn’t really clear the boyfriend of smuggling munitions out of the military – a crime that would carry a considerable punishment.

After the original story broke, several Net users notified the Korean Ministry of Defense and police agencies. However, it’s uncertain how either agency is proceeding.

Although the girlfriend kind of screwed the guy over with her posting it’s still nice to see a woman get so excited over the gift of weaponry. I remember when I got my special lady a SIG P225 handgun with a Hello Kitty holster. Instead of a happy Facebook message she just published a restraining order against me.

Source: Nocut News (Korean) via livedoor News (Japanese)