Game over

It’s Friday! Glad to see you all made it.

What a week it’s been. We’ve seen raging AKB48 fans, 98-year-old college students, hand grenades in the mail, all-you-can-eat natto, and of course those hilarious Photoshop creations from China. But that’s not all! Courtesy of our pals over at Niconico, we’ve got three genuinely awesome videos for you right here!

Awkward high school boys, 80s video game hero Mega Man and a crying baby who simply adores Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, all after the jump.

Let’s start off with a little bit of cute, shall we? When it comes to parenting, many would frown upon the very idea of sitting your child in front of the television to keep them entertained, but when your seemingly inconsolable baby stops crying the moment he hears a popular animé theme tune, you’ll have to forgive us for thinking that maybe it’s not such a bad idea:

From teething troubles to teenage trauma, this next video comes from Japanese animation Koukou Danshi no Nichijou, or “High School Boys’ Daily Lives”. I have to admit, I’d never even heard of this series until now, but I’m already a fan. The first scene is a little Japanese-heavy, but the sausage scene (wait and see) works beyond the barrier of mere spoken words. Check this madness out:

Finishing on a nerdy note, our last video for today, “I Can’t Beat Airman”, is based on Capcom’s NES platform shooter Mega Man 2 (known in Japan as Rock Man 2). The video follows the blue-suited pale-faced hero as he struggles to overcome one particular boss character- Airman. There are dozens of nerdy little game references in here, but thanks to the accompanying English subtitles (click the 「. . .」button), even non-gamers will be able to follow the plot. The sight of Mega Man on his knees checking his computer for tips on how to beat the end boss in particular had this writer chuckling. I need to find an old NES and revisit this one sometime…

That’s all for this week’s collection of video randomness from Japan. Head over to Niconico for more and to take part in the scrolling comment mayhem. Enjoy your weekend, folks.